We’re a full-time IT Consultancy & Digital Agency. Our work is the product of a deeper process of discovery and learning. We view digital tools as a means to transcend traditional business aspirations, allowing for a more humane approach to ourselves and to each other.

Our success comes as an attained outcome of self-investigation and inner knowledge. Through our services, we seek to demystify technology so that people – including our clients – can access it confidently. Through our work, we aspire to share the best of ourselves with the world.

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We value long-lasting professional relationships with our clients. Our clients are people, not companies, with whom we share mutual respect, integrity and trust. Our clients keep coming back to us – not just for what we do, but for the way in which we do it.

Ari IT

Ariel, or Ari, as he is commonly know as nowadays, has more than two decades of technology experience which started way back on the 8086 and mainframes machines. Now he specialises in IT Consultancy and Technology Support. Ari has experience in a wide range of practices like Product Development, eLearning, Mobile Learning, User Experience (UX) design and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and has worked for important companies both in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with brand names which include Siemens, Alstom, Mizuno and Sony in various capacities.

Ariel’s main interest in Information Technologies is that of understanding how to design software systems, so as to maximize the productivity of development teams. By assimilating the vast knowledge of the patterns of good software design, and the processes that supports them, he has become acquainted with agile approaches to software development and gained, as a result, focus on evolutionary software design.

Prior to establishing Meetai, Ariel was a Director of an arts and technology firm in Barcelona, where he was instrumental in setting up and managing the technology practice department and was also responsible for managing key accounts and client relationships in this area.
Ariel holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from a premier institute in La Havana, and has wide recognition among his colleagues.




Carles Carné is one of the key members of Meetai and has been with Meetai since it’s inception.Carles has more than 10 years of experience in various technologies and specialises in creating turnkey solutions for clients.

Carles has experience leading diverse technology teams and has worked for large corporates such as Group Soteras, Weiss and Telvent in various development and lead roles. He has been involved with large scale projects and tools development for top-tier clients across the globe.

At Meetai, Carles’ most technical tasks are hosting, development and hardware as well as being well know for being the best mentor for new clients. In his spare time, he likes to investigate new hot technologies from the industry.