Isn’t it ironic that instead of connecting lives and people—which is why technology has been further improved in the first place—the technology has actually created an invisible barrier between people and the environment?

You want proof? Go inside a fast-food chain or a coffee shop. Ten years ago, you’d see people so engrossed chatting with each other. Every person in each table of the restaurant is either busy enjoying the food or having fun talking with his companion. The idea of recreation a couple of years ago is having a good scuba diving adventure or a worthwhile tree planting activity. Now back to the present, you’ll see almost everyone busy not with their food or with their companion but so absorbed with their cell phone or laptop. People’s new version of recreation is killing zombies on the computer all weekend. That is the invisible barrier.

But that invisible barrier is not known at Meetai. We do not just focus in delivering high quality services for your IT and digital issues but we are also strongly driven to decipher the present technology in order to create a new version of ecology wherein people have a deep sense of interaction with each other despite the world’s transformation into a digital dimension. They say the technology and human ecology are contained in two different boxes. But that is not the case in Meetai. We deliver services such as brand consultancy and marketing, hosting, support and maintenance and the likes which are fused with deep commitment to reach out to people. We do not serve companies. We serve people. Our team of professional programmers, designers and business experts are widely knowledgeable on the impact and relevance of technology in the community as well as the environment. With the aid of technology, more people will be connected and tapped regarding environmental issues, humanity, ecology and with that, action will be generated from these people. At Meetai, we know the great potential of technology in influencing people and their relationship with others and to the environment. In order to extract and unleash the full potential of technology in bridging people and connecting them to the environment, we come up with web designs, programs and marketing strategies that focus not just in increasing your business profit but also in connecting people and making them more humane. Through time, technology has been developed and improved for the betterment of the human race. It should not be something that would contribute to the thickening indifference among humans that continue to separate them from one another. It should be the one that will connect and bind people regardless of time and location and improve human ecology. It should not be the one that will be the cause of people being brainwashed from their roles and obligations for the environment. Transforming technology into something which will permanently connect and thus enrich communities and bring about awareness on the environment, as well as on each individual, is the reason behind why Meetai exists and continues to persevere on doing its best. Introducing .PW - the Professional Web The new online identity for Professionals across the world