Meetai::Cloud DIY Product-Rendering Service – Render Shack

Meetai is proud to present Render Shack® – our global DIY rendering
service. Featuring an easy to use interface,  top notch security, and 99.99% uptime.

Anytime, anywhere – upload details of your product or the model files (3ds, max, blender, obj, fbx) and The Shack
will render it for you in no time. Upload your images or models and have them rendered with
the outstanding quality of our 3D Services.


1. Friendly and Easy to Use Interface

Clean, easy to use interface. Create, Render, re-purpose, and obtain your product images with simple wizards. Our control panel focuses on usability, streamlining the complexities of traditional web hosting.

Render Your Products in a Single Click
Once your Layouts are loaded, rendering your product is just one click away. Have your image selected, and access the render quickly and with ease.

Asset Management
Working in The Shack is simple; view all of your Layouts, Renders, and other assets in a way that is easy to understand, thanks to an uncluttered user interface.

Straight-forward New Product Layout Creation
Send us details of how your new product should look using our easy to use wizard interface, and be live and selling before you know it. You can also upload your own models to further streamline this process.

Start rendering your own products in no-time
After ordering a Shack, you’ll get it ready for you in as little as 30 minutes. The speed in which we get your products rendering only depends on the speed at which we get your models and textures ready to render. Your Render Machine Workhouse can be online and pumping faster than you’ve ever seen before.

2. Super-Easy Service Flow

1. Register your new Render Shack
2. Upload your files
3. Get your files prepared by our 3D Artists
4. Submit and Monitor your jobs on your Shack
5. Download or get your links in no-time
6. Sell!

3. Cloud-based Rendering Workhouse

We’ve created the fastest and most convenient DIY Cloud Render Technology for ecommerce products. Meetai wants to help you to easily and more efficiently manage your digital shop assets so you can get back to selling. We provide all of our users with top-notch, high-performance readily-available render facilities, great support, and the ability to select the nearest Render Shack location.

Get your products published in days, not months
Why wait for outsource queues and excuses? Enjoy our trouble-free service in a timely fashion.

Highest-quality product virtualization
Our 3D Designers are ready to take your product to the next level. Cinematic environments, hyper-realistic textures, all delivered at top quality industry standard.

Simple control panel
Be productive with our technology that won’t slow you down.

Incredible bandwidth
All Render Shacks come with near 1GB/s network speed. This means no more waiting, and more selling, faster.

4. Secure access

Top notch security ensure that access to your products will be completely controlled by you.

Admin privilege is required to access the Management sections.

Unlock access to even more security features included in our Premium Package including:

  • Set permissions for multiple users
  • Serving requests only to designated IPs
  • Choice of data security
  • Creation of time-sensitive, unique links – links expire after certain time
  • Security integration with existing infrastructure (Intranets, applications, etc)


5. Reliability – 99.99% Uptime

We provide a 99.98% uptime SLA around Render Shacks’ availability. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you based on the amount of time that service was unavailable.


6. Multiple Locations

Select the best location based on latency, or deploy across multiple regions for high availability.

Pipe up from a shack near your city.


7. At Meetai, Everyone Gets the VIP Treatment

Who doesn’t like VIP treatment?. Here at Meetai we take your intention of selling online seriously. That’s why we offer top notch rendering quality, at the most accessible price ever.

8. Premium Service

No product or business is the same. That’s why we also offer Premium Service catered to those rendering in bulk. All without the pains of long document-reading or separate access. Continue enjoying the Services you love, while accessing the tools you Trust .

Features and benefits included in our premium service:

  • Admin privilege is required to access the Management sections.
  • Continual maintenance service.
  • Set permissions for multiple users
  • Serving requests only to designated IPs
  • Choice of data security
  • SFTP Access.
  • Creation of time-sensitive, unique links – links expire after certain time
  • Security and backup systems integration with existing infrastructure (Intranets, applications, etc)
  • Automatic backup system of all your data with us in a separate server with restricted, admin-only access.
  • Management section for Public and Private Rendered images
  • Public cache of all images using CDN servers for the fastest global distribution
  • Apply effects to Renders
  • Total online image editing.


9. Trusted Technology Providers

We use multiple technologies and network providers at each facility to be capable of ensuring capacity and reliability. We only use the most trusted technology providers on which our own applications are built.

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Detailed Feature Sheet


* Admin privilege is required to access the Management sections

* Manager Password (strong access password required)

* Continual maintenance service.

* Optional section permissions for multiple users (premium)

* Serving requests only to designated IPs (premium)

* Choice of data security (premium)

* Creation of time-sensitive, unique links – links expire after certain time (premium)

* Existing infrastructure (Intranets, applications, etc) security integration (premium)



* Automatic backup system of every image in separate server (only admins can access) (premium)

* Rendered images can be accessed on the net at any time (premium)

* Management section for Public and Private Rendered images (premium)

* Integrated backup system with existing infrastructure (premium)



* 99.99% availability.

* Redundant system (Asia server + Amsterdam server + Denver/Dallas server)

* Image Caching and compression for faster data transfers.

* Public cache of all images using CDN servers for the fastest global distribution (premium)


Layouts (general)

* New layouts need to go through a setup process.

* Layouts are setup once.

* The initial set of view types (“back”, “right”, “left”, “front”) is setup by us with the layout.

* Once the layout is setup: Upload the images for that kind of layout > Mark the output requirements > Render > Manage the output.

* Minimal changes to layouts won’t be charged.

* All changes to layouts would have to be studied and quoted manually, after sending us the information (Layout Modification Request Form)


Layout Management

* General information

* Edit Layout names (i.e. “left001”, “left002”, “right”, “back001”, “back002”, “front”) for file output naming.

* New Layout Setup Request Form

* Disable/Enable layout (premium)


Renders Management

* General information

* Render-Set information (i.e. “left”, “right”, “back”, “front”). Each render belongs to a Set.

* Mark Render as “public” or “private”

* Share link

* Delete

* Create/duplicate

* Create size versions (premium)

* Apply effects (premium)

* Crop (premium)

* API Integration for total online image editing (premium).


Texture (image) Management

  • Upload your image to be applied to the layout
  • Modify texture name.
  • Create more textures for different product designs

Account Management

* Layouts installed

* Renders available

* Render History (premium)

* Bandwidth used

* Disk Space

* Account balance

* Paypal Payment


Standard Pricing

* Render as many images as needed per Layout. Use the system as much as needed.

* Bandwidth and disk space pricing separated in packs, below

* New view: Contact us

* Each New Layout setup request has to be manually checked before offering an estimate on pricing. Answer usually takes 1 day.


Initial Layout setup for existing products

* Includes help with any given number of images for creating the Layouts

* Same product is only one Layout. One layout per different product/model


Premium value

* Initial payment: Contact us

* Annual payments/discounts available


Pricing packs

* monthly/yearly (discounted) payment

* Initial Bandwidth capacity included in package.

* Initial hard disk space included in package


– Additional bandwidth transfer options available.

– We provide instructions for each step

– Takes some time (requirement auditing, model, texture, unwrapping, script), to setup a Layout. Each Layout will have its own time requirement, informed at the time the New Layout Request is made.



Initial Setup (Service Contract) $200
New Layout Contact us. Price varies depending on object to be rendered.
New View $45
Monthly Service $175 / month

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