We transform your ideas into tangibles which both you and your customers can recognise, feel and eventually love. Our specialty rests, essentially, in the subtle alchemy of people.

Meetai delivers an outstanding result with more than 10 years of modelling, rendering and animation experience. Simply provide us with an idea or sketch, similar videos or files of what you need and we’ll have it ready for you. We would also do storyboards, if desired.
We can produce stunning promotional trailers, animated trailers, and eye catching graphics all at affordable prices!

Enjoy your experience creating motion design and 3D Animation videos for TV, Music Videos, Cinematics, Website Introductions, Viral Videos, Product Videos, Commercials, Film Trailers, Book Adverts, Architectural Visualisations and many others. Meetai can give that touch of reality to your creations.

Providing 3D CG animation for TV, DVD, commercials, entertainment, and Product Videos. We take care of animation and Live production projects from initial design through final completion.

Get in touch today for any specific video/animation needs.


Bring your products to life through our quality services!

  • Animate and generate a 3D version of a 2D logo with an incredible level of realism.
  • Have your Product placed in any environment, with any atmosphere.
  • Get your ideas in motion!